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You must sign in to your account and you will be prompted for the code - they never prompt you for this. The "women" on here are paid spammers - no one is REAL!! I'm not going to give details as the moron who is doing it will probably read this... My bank company had send me an email saying that my card was deactivate because unusual activity.They will also sign you up for "sister sites" even though you did not request them - again nearly impossible to get in touch with someone to cancel or get your money back for apps. You can just tell the same person is answering your texts when you are trying to talk to girls.... but this sight is a fluffer sight for their pay to watch girls on camera sites... so Im just having problems rn with the fact I'm getting rip off with my money and I'm trying to fix it but now one of the dudes from the website saying if I don't sign up for it they will fine me 0 for not corresponding with them.Doesnt always give you an immediate return for your effort but get speaking to a horny one and you'll get your hole within a week if you play your cards right. you can't cancel the subscription without calling. In my opinion the male-woman ratio may not be as good as on Casualdating4u or Casual Sex Only but it works if you know what you are doing.Much rather that than going through boxes of kleenex every weekend, no contest at all!!!!!!! and they try to trick you into just transferring your account to another. Met a girl this weekend on benaughty so decided to do a review. Some fake profiles but you wil have to deal with them on any other site too.How can I get myself out of this mess Unfortunately, it sound like you have gotten yourself into a type of fraud ring.I suggest you cancel the credit card number they have.

Were only 8 guys within 50 miles online and you have to pay them to see the messages you get. I made an account as a Male and an Account as a Female. youll be glad you didnt waste your time and money here. After 10 minutes of chatting, they all have to leave, but they stay online... So the same they i canceled my account, aftert arguing for 15 minutes with a customer service clerk (that i had to call). The day after, i have a charge of 39,99$ CA on my credit card for a subscription on (wich is the same interface as but with different colors) a site that a have checked out but never subscribed to. The site itself is flooded with bots, but the real pain is what happens when you cancel. I said NO, I do not want membership in any other sites. Three days later I get a charge for .41 from a merchant I'd never heard of, Not sure, but it could have been the same voice I'd spoken to cancel my benaughty membership.Thank goodness they'll never get my $$$ DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE AT ALL It's the most disgusting scam I've ever seen, and be very careful, they have lot of websites which are the SAME, all clones with different names and color but same fake women: sexintouch, ebonyflirt, loveaholic, shagaholic, naughtydate and a few more.Unless you're a very very naive person, you'll immediately see that the 90% if not all female members are scammers, bots, and fake or inactive profiles managed by employees of the website.If fake/or a hacker he would have noticed the "fraudulent" charges himself.Males have to pay to use this site, as females don't have too.

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