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Immediately the localists aid that they would rather eat radiation-contaminated Fujishima rice than Heilongjiang rice.That was the perfect supporting proof for the WWII Japanese belief that they can always count on the Chinese to kill each other first.- Simplified character books are used for brainwashing?A police spokesman said they had received a report on Tuesday from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, which operates public libraries in the city, that someone had removed books with simplified Chinese characters in a library and the act was recorded in an uploaded video clip.It showed dozen of books with simplified Chinese characters being removed from shelves and dumped in a rubbish bin or hidden inside a fire hose compartment or gaps between bookshelves. He said in the message: The media recently reported that public libraries had bought 600,000 books in broken Chinese characters since 2006.These books will not get published in Hong Kong, because the market is too small.The Hong Kong education system, overseen by the Hong Kong Education Bureau, is divided into three types of schools: government schools, subsidized schools and private international schools.There is a short application process in which students can select their top school choices, but assignments are generally made based on residency zones.The English Schools Foundation is subsidized by the Hong Kong government to provide an English-language education, with priority given to students who cannot speak Chinese.

Cheng called on citizens to spontaneously remove the simplified character books.

Hong Kong also has private international schools, which vary in curriculum and teaching style.

With a focus on sending their students to foreign universities, these schools can be very competitive wait lists can approach 70 students per grade.

Most international schools use an English-based curriculum and tend to be separated into the British, American, Canadian and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.

Many schools identify with a particular country (such as Singapore, Canada or France) and offer separate English and foreign-language sections.

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