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17-10 In Kingman, Aria., and the annual meeting of the Idaho Chombcr of Commerce managers and All-Idsho congress in Boise Nov. "Tiff M scheduled waa the cele Eim Uon of an annl Tcrsory tor the man whose 'ail Adc ot coroiury thtomboi U Sept.

The demand keeps him In offlca at least imtll T^ietdoy, when lbs vote w Ul be held. outomo Ucally ahut off delwte for 34 hours, and deputies decided to extend the eoollng-otf period imt U Tuesday. v T felt like Bulns hun (J, th-frulart and things like Uiot." Welker The senator said he hired ^ ^f^r pcoison^ column »p- " " 'a Mta last sprint, tits brother was - upset that doctors feared am stroke. The p Une was looking for Icelandic tnwler In d Utreas when It cmhtd at a ■. Twin ; Fal U, and a daughter waa bom to 'Mrrnnd Mn. BIRTHS , ■ I _bom-lo Jlr.- and I •Kn.' Wl Ulnm ■Willlami, ]r. Benedict's, Jerome • Visiting hours nt Benedict's hos- ' Ipltal ore from 3 to 4 nnd'7 lo S p.m, • . IDAHO, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1955 PRICE 6 CENTS ice Fall I't Seen I Values 1 i Mod»W Tttu , of an airriculturc In C showed today Tereis any pessimism Banners over farm f^tci It is not show- r.boominp farm real [irkc L Meanwhile, in |r department office it wages for Idaho jias are higher than fbynn average of |J le Vid monthly, 30 rthoje paid daily and Its lor those paid I aim 0. jiatnt Mill the s Uenath i Uodniiiitc Klnrliii U)c tnem (piitment wbere ' ta iquilor with their d Uitlr piren LL . thin William I S-T»r-Dld uncni' It hid kepi hitn Iratn ud till Bife Here charaf d il Btll Klof Ihclr family :i! Filer and Muruugh ans Wertd the alarm, but could do nothlnic to save tlie fost-bumln E wooden stnic Atlcr tumln R In Uie alarm. The convicted Williams has been remanded to the custody of Sheriff Jnmcs Dcnliam for delivery to the place of confinement. Paul; Oscnr Kerncr, Shoshone: Kenneth Eld- rldge, Carey: R. Harper, Malu, and Chester Lnraen and Enieat naaland, both Twin Falls'. Toppenlsh, Granger, Zlllah, □randvlew, Suimyslde, Prosser, Walla Walla, Burllnirton, Port Or- chard, Colleca Place, Wash.; Eugene, Springfield and Jandleton, Ore.; Lew Uton,-ld Q:,^ind llx 'iltlier cities where franchise appllca Uoiis are pending. Dry Con Unucd wnrm Ui and Ut Ue moisture ore predicted In the five -day weather forecast re- ceived vis Associated Press. -n July 1 svcr- ctnl hi""*'' • ihfce P*r cent on Msrcli 1 of rihouih fann product L jiifflpcd wnne live per 1 j T»r »p. Card' returned lo the bumlnft house nnd threw a few clothes and bed- room furnlshlncs out ot the window, lit thnt wns salvaged from the fire. Card- wcli-lcftmed-lhal the children- were alone In the house and Pc Rgy was trying to cook supper. Wlll Lims drov B llie truck Ihrou Bh the port of eniry without stopping nnd had Just been caught by the ntnlc policeman \Khcn a radio call from the Twin Palls police station reported the tlietl. nitten Diary Te Us «ll Daysof Torture, Deatli ■ ciiii, Oct, :■ - cite) follow, ■lldii^/,"' 'll«ry ■ that 11 took days without wotcr ■ food lo Hct her son. Soulhccnlrnl heal Ui department alatf mcmbcni attending the meet- ing Included Dr. Itelnsleln, medical director ot the louthcen- trnl health department: Mrs. Matthews 4atd he expects the company's present 10,000 cus- tomers to- grow to SO.t WO or more within five years after natural gas becomes nvn Uable.- . ■ ■'The wannth wl U bo welcoma anyway," said the AP reporter, reading Uils report: "Ut Us or no rain apd con- tinued w»rm.

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Oc L H — Karen Mat- thews, a H-year-old daughter of Mr. John Matthews, Declo, is In crl Ucal condl Uon hi thi! Amon E other Injuries, the child la believed to have a skull fracture.

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