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The ceiling fan caused dust motes to dance in the slanted beams of light. ” “You have one somewhere.” “No I don’t.” His eyes narrowed. Then to her shock, he shoved the mattress, linens and all, off the bed far enough for him to search beneath it, finding nothing except the box spring. But she suddenly realized who he was, and that sent a bolt of terror through her. You’re the man who shot all those people last night.” Coburn. First name Lee, no known middle initial.” Sergeant Fred Hawkins of the Tambour Police Department removed his hat and wiped sweat off his forehead. It was parked on the shoulder of the two-lane state highway in a sliver of shade cast by a billboard sign advertising a gentleman’s club that was located near the New Orleans airport. He took off his dozer cap and fanned his face with it as he gazed toward the edge of the woods where those involved in the search were gathering. Women thought he was attractive in that certain kind of way.” “What certain kind of way? It had been covered by numerous community newspapers from the coastal region of the state, and all of the major New Orleans television stations were represented. had loaned Tambour police a sketch artist, who’d rendered a drawing of Coburn based on descriptions provided by neighbors: Caucasian male around six feet three inches tall, average weight, athletic build, black hair, blue eyes, thirty-four years of age according to his employee records. She took it happily and said to him, “Don’t eat any more cupcakes. She must have sensed the track of his thoughts, because when he lifted his gaze from her chest to her eyes, they were regarding him fearfully.He shoved her toward the closet and ordered her to open the door. He motioned with his chin for her to lead him from the room. “You don’t want to do this.” “Put your hands behind your back,” he repeated, softly but with emphasis on each word. “My little girl—” “I’m not going to ask you again.” He took another step closer. It had already gone greasy in the heat, and it wasn’t even nine o’clock yet. “That slipperiness of his has got me worried.” Fred would admit that only to his brother. ” “Wished they could fuck him, but considered him bad news.” “That’s a ‘.’ ” “Who told you that? Fred had presided, flanked at the microphone by city officials, including his twin. Fred had concluded the press conference by filling television screens with the drawing and warning locals that Coburn was believed still to be in the area and should be considered armed and dangerous. She said, “She learned to do a face float in swim class.” “I still have to wear my wings,” the little girl said, “but I got a gold star on my fertisicate.” Nervously, the mother turned her around and ushered her toward the doorway into the living room. There s’pposed to be for the birthday party.” Then she skipped out of the room. Quickly she said, “You’re in a lot of trouble, and you’re only wasting time here. Eddie didn’t own anything extremely valuable.” She raised her hands at her sides. When Eddie died, I had to sell his fishing boat just to make ends meet until I could return to teaching.” “Teaching.” “Public school. The only thing Eddie left me was a modest life insurance policy that barely covered the cost of his funeral. Or you jumped to the wrong conclusion based on rumor. If I did, I would gladly hand it over to you in order to protect Emily.His clothes and hair had snagged natural debris—twigs, sprigs of moss, small leaves. On the counter was the coffee pot, still half filled with this morning’s brew, still hot enough to scald him. The woman of his memory had operated a hair-braiding salon.He seemed indifferent to all that, just as he did to the mud caked on his boots and the legs of his jeans. But in order to reach either it or the knives, she would have to get past him, and that didn’t seem likely. The business was open only when she felt like it, which was seldom.“I’ve answered all your questions truthfully, haven’t I? “I’ve offered to give you my money and whatever valuables—” “I don’t want your money.” She motioned toward the bleeding scratches on his arms. He lured in women with the promise of getting the tightest braids in New Orleans. Anybody who shied away from the wet work usually became the next victim.

” The four-year-old came to stand at the corner of the kitchen table and gazed yearningly at the frosting her mother was applying to the top of the cupcake. “And,” she added, drawing out the word, “I’ve got sprinkles to add as soon as I’m finished with the icing.” Emily beamed, then her face puckered with concern. “He’s lying down because he’s sick.” Emily trailed her mother as she made her way from kitchen to living room. Because she still couldn’t turn her head, she shifted only her eyes toward Emily.

From the corner of her eye, she looked at his hand. Even so, she knew it could squeeze the life from her body if he put it around her throat. Several seconds elapsed before he asked, “For what? “Nothing to be gained by scaring the kid.” The computer asked for a password. When he had a tight grip, he turned her head toward him. ” “They could have had important information in them.” “They didn’t.” “She says, sounding real sure about it.” “I am,” she snapped. ” She shook her head as much as his hold on her hair would allow.

The thought of it wrapped around Emily’s sweet, soft neck made her ill. She closed her eyes, but she could feel the pressure of his gaze on the top of her head. “Eddie wouldn’t have been so careless as to put important information in an email.” He held her stare as though gauging the strength of her argument. “Neither of us used it for personal business.” “What about his work computer?

There were smears of blood on the exposed skin of his outstretched arm and hand. ” It took several tries before she was able to stammer, “My… Although Honor’s lips were trembling almost uncontrollably, she managed to form a semblance of a smile. Give him the phone.” Emily bashfully closed the distance between them. Her bedroom looked ironically, almost mockingly, serene. “The right.” Backing away from her, he moved to the nightstand on the right side of the bed and checked the drawer. Dozens of uniformed officers from various agencies were milling around nearby, some talking on cell phones, others studying maps, most looking befuddled and intimidated by the job at hand. “Tell me something I don’t know.” “As city manager, I came out to offer any help that I or the City of Tambour can provide.” “As lead investigator on the case, I appreciate the city’s support,” Fred said drolly. He was now a corpse with a bullet hole in his head, and, as if that one hadn’t been enough to kill him, another had been fired into his chest for extra measure. ” “Yes.” “So, unless you’ve remarried…” She shook her head. All hell’s broke loose.” As soon as he clicked off, she said, “You have an accomplice? The white T-shirt, blue jean shorts, and retro white Keds were as wholesome as home-baked cupcakes. Seeing the skimpy undies on the drying rack in the laundry room had made him realize how long it had been since he’d lain down with a woman.

A clot of it had matted a whorl of dark hair on the crown of his head. When she was within touching distance, she leaned far forward and dropped the phone into his palm. Sunlight coming through the shutters painted stripes on the hardwood floor, the white quilted comforter, the pale gray walls. Inside were a flashlight and a paperback novel but no lethal weapon. ” She might have derived some level of comfort from the promise, even if she didn’t believe it. Make copies and pass them out to your deputies for distribution.” While the sheriff was assuring Fred of his department’s capacity for finding men at large, Fred nodded a greeting to his twin brother, Doral, who joined him where he was standing outside his patrol car. “Now that the official bullshit is out of the way, tell me where you think he ran to.” “You’re the cop, not me.” “But you’re the best tracker for miles around.” “Since Eddie was killed, maybe.” “Well, Eddie ain’t here, so you’re it. You could find a flea on a pissant.” “Yeah, but fleas ain’t as slippery as this guy.” Doral had arrived dressed not as a city official, but as a hunter, fully expecting that his twin would recruit him to join the manhunt. He cashed his paychecks at one of those places that do that for a percentage.” “The man didn’t want to leave a paper trail.” “And he didn’t.” Doral asked if Coburn’s neighbors had been interviewed. “Everybody in the apartment complex knew him by sight. The other six shooting victims probably wouldn’t be missed much, but Marset’s murder had warranted a televised press conference earlier that morning. “You said I could lick the bowl.” The mother hesitated, then took a rubber spatula from the bowl of frosting and handed it down to her. Looking at the soft mounds underneath Honor Gillette’s white T-shirt and her long, smooth legs made him aware of just how much he’d like to end that spell of abstinence.

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