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The Gemini woman is known for her bright personality – funny, flighty, and occasionally emotional.

Sexually, the Gemini woman Sagittarius man in bed, begin by being playful and flirtatious and move onto more fantastical pleasures very quickly.

Find out what is the best match for a Gemini compatibility.

The Gemini woman loves to travel and excitement while the Sagittarius man is on a continuous quest for truth and knowledge.

If you see two people laughing their hearts out in the street, communicating in fast movements and changing their locations, positions and outfits with incredible frequency, you are probably looking at the wonderful love of Gemini and Sagittarius ...

Cancer and Sagittarius share their love for knowledge and have similar belief systems.

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All he needs is the freedom to add to his high list, and she is more than willing to give it to him.

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