Gerald anderson dating non showbiz girl Arabic adult chat room

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Gerald anderson dating non showbiz girl

Salvador admitted that the fact that they have known each other for a long time made it easier for their relationship."It's a different foundation [to our relationship]. She also stated that her new beau has no problems with her being a celebrity.

Salvador, who was romantically linked to John Lloyd Cruz and Sam Milby in the past, previously dated actor Gerald Anderson.

When he publicly admitted he was dating the latter in 2013, this reportedly caused an immensely public divide between (now-former) best friends Chiu and Salvador.

In 2015, Chiu also hinted at infidelity issues, sending fans into a tailspin.

They tied the knot in 2014 and had a super-adorable baby boy over a year later.

Onscreen, they only work together when Villania guest-stars on her husband’s long-running travel show, Unlike the rest of the love teams on this list, the Kimerald tandem began via a reality show.

According to Panganiban, their relationship fizzled out because it didn’t have a chance to “deepen and mature.” It took about nine years until they reunited again, this time for an episode of Talk about a love team that lasts!They both denied it, but nobody was surprised when they ended up in each other’s arms.Almost 10 years later, these two are proof that dating in the workplace doesn't always end in disaster.Despite all the controversy, however, the two are slated to reunite in a new primetime series, Their tandem lasted for five years, even if their real-life relationship only went on for one.In an interview with, Prats explained that they split up because they were simply too young at the time.

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In some cases, the dream scenario becomes a reality—though it doesn’t always work out in the end.