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Depending on the circumstances under which both of you meet, here are different things you could do to get his attention, impress him and get him to ask you out or make a move on you.

Try these subtle moves to let him know that you’re interested in him and open to talk with him. Stare at him now and then and let him catch you staring.

You can use the tips to attract a guy at first sight, but there’s no necessity to talk to him.

Just draw his attention and let him miss you when you aren’t around. Flash a discreet smile when you walk past him or bump into him at some new place.

How to get a guy’s attention There are three circumstances when you’d bump into a guy you like in real life. In most cases, it’s the guy who walks up to the girl and starts a conversation with her.

Sometimes, we see them for an instant, and at other times, we get to spend a while with them. Here’s a complete guide on getting his attention and making him like you, no matter where you see him. [Read: 20 situations when a guy will never like you back] YOU SEE HIM FOR THE FIRST TIME Wondering how to get a guy’s attention when you see him for the first time?

[Read: Tips to seduce a guy who’s not yours] #4 Seem compatible.

Don’t disagree on too many things right from the beginning.

Play with your hair, show off your slender neck and your cleavage by tilting your head back now and then. Irrespective of where you are, try to show off your curves.Don’t be too strong headed or look for ways to prove your point, just to make him realize that you’re smart and confident. Drop a few hints now and then to let him know you’re interested in him, but don’t overdo it.Find ways and create conversations to let him know you’re single and have a few free weekends.Sit next to his table if you can, or walk near him if there’s an excuse.Let him know that you’re interested in him, but don’t ever overdo it by constantly trying to run into him. If he’s just not making a move at you, spark his chivalrous side.

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Men are visual and after the face, your curvaceous body is the next thing he’s going to notice.

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