Getting stood up online dating Adult cam chat for arabs

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Getting stood up online dating

I met someone on another site, we had a nice first meeting just talking, and he said he wanted to get together again.

He didn't call to confirm place/time, then emailed that night and apologized that he had been out of town and hadn't driven but ridden with friends, so he couldn't get back early enough, and asked if I'd like to make plans for another day.

I have been trying to get my jacket back from a guy who stood me up, no emails,crap!! Sometimes you have to take the initiative, and pick out someone yourself (I'm assuming he contacted you first).

All I want is the damn jacket, certainly NOT a relationship anymore!! Take hold of the fishing rod instead of hanging on as bait.

) Was a nice day..anyway, stood me up on the 2nd, like I said, and wont answer my emails about getting the jacket back, or where he is or what has happened.And as for maybe something happened or some unexpected circumstance, I emailed and told him that if there was a reason that was out of his control I would understand with no response back and no he did not die, I see him on my buddy list on aol. I guess this is just hard for me to get I have never been stood up before, I have stood up people before but I have always had the curtesy to call and explain why.In fact, I missed a date recently because I had this terrible flu and slept right through it, but I did call and leave a voice mail afterwords to let that person what happened.Now don't be upset Jamie, this happens all the time.You have to understand he might feel he is not good enough for you.

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If he has found somebody else I really could care less, just wanna know, you know.

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