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I've never talked to multiple girls at once and nobody has sat me down and explained the definitions to me.I've picked it up (like most words) from other people saying it. I don't think it's okay to be sleeping with all the people you are dating, but I don't think kissing gives anyone the right to say I'm exclusive with them, unless we've discussed it. I was always under the impression that the first few dates didn't necessarily mean exclusiveness until discussed. Like, I usually date non-exclusive for about a month and than after that, the discussion of exclusiveness comes up.

4 years later (right now) talking about our future together/planning our future together.

It pretty much is a relationship, but without the title. You should know if you like someone after several dates, and if you do then be in a relationship, and if you don't then move on.

I'm in my late twenties and see a relationship as something more serious that implies long term commitment.

This involves splitting up your long posts into paragraphs, and proper punctuation and grammar.

If you hang out like you're bf/gf, and you talk like you're bf/gf, and you are monogamous like you're bf/gf...

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We're still 'bf/gf' but boy has that title evolve to mean something much more.

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