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Serial numbers were printed on rolls of 50 labels, while model numbers were applied by rubber stamp as each label was applied to a finished guitar.

For example, the initial production batch of the 6120 model was a 100-unit group documented from serial number 16450 to 16549.

Other idiosyncrasies of the 13767 guitar include a seam of white binding at the tail, visible below the Bigsby bracket and strap button.

The neck heel appears to be quite narrow when compared to ’55 examples.

It’s well documented that Atkins was recruited to endorse a signature model in hopes of duplicating the success Gibson enjoyed with its Les Paul model of the early ’50s.

The pickguard has a small brass support extension protruding from the side of the fretboard, which is atypical for the 6120.

Finally, the inlaid steers-head, sound-hole outline, and cutaway angle all appear to be slightly different from what resulted on later production examples.

Though the guitar embodies all of the cowboy motifs the 6120 has come to be known for, several of its features depart from the subsequent debut format of the ’55 Chet Atkins 6120.

Most conspicuous is the anodized fixed-arm Bigsby vibrato tailpiece – a B6 on the ’55, but, inexplicably, a smaller B3 on the 13767 guitar.

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