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Guys and intimidating girls

Chicks do like to practice pre-rejection - they write you off because they strongly sense you will reject them anyway.

Like fat chicks calling guys with six packs 'superficial' and 'insecure.' Of course, if you show any interest in these chicks, their resentment will quickly disappear.

I've had a woman ( a 7-8, clearly LTR oriented) tell me they think if a guy is gorgeous they consider him less suitable for a relationship.You know how infuriating it is being with someone for a year and still having her ask why you're with her? - Female attention score : Interactions that seem to go well seem to go nowhere...why? - For men, most of the advantages of good looks come outside the sexual marketplace; good looking people are paid more (url), and people tend to project positive traits on attractive people, and negative ones on fuglies. solution: be like vinny chase (assuming you are an 8.5-10) he doesn't act like an asshole or try cf on the chicks.i know its only a show but still,his manner is easy going and friendly which along with his very good looks gets him places.That girl was feeling ugly and used you to boost her ego. - More indications of interest...though a lot of them are attention whores, I've long maintained that it's far better to approach a girl you catch checking you out than approach a girl cold. (maybe I am too nice and attract to many 5s) and 8s that want a relationship. I'm fat and OK looking, but I constantly attract gay guys or lesbians and not always the hot looking lesbians. I don't want to be an asshole so I end up chatting with them all only to find out they're gay(chicks) or they thought I was(dudes and chicks). @DC I've considered this, but it happens a lot, and/or I'll see the girl dancing will multiple "non threatening" guys throughout the night. As far as I know I haven't hung out in any bars where gay folks frequent but they appear to be everywhere. You have to apply game differently than how it's presented for the masses. If you're a guy who's a 9, you're already conveying high value and superiority from your physical looks. Most of them, as soon as I get their attention they back off strongly. One time this hot chick chatted me up to try and get in a 3some with her and some dude she was with. I wish I could use it to get the straight chicks homing in on me like that.

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You will be conventionally feminine: cute, small, passive, bubbly and ditzy. Someday soon, you'll have much more freedom to choose the people you meet and hang out with.

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