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In June 2016, Paramore fans hit fever pitch at news of Zac returning to the studio with Hayley and Taylor (Jeremy Davis left the band in 2015) to record drums for a new album.

His official return was announced in February 2017 and After Laughter was released in May.

There would be times where we were like, ‘Let’s keep it within the world of Paramore because it has its sound,’ then Taylor would say, ‘I think it’s time to take a new step and a new direction and try some new things.

If this is where we’re at, let’s be honest with that.’” Initially you only came in to play drums on the album, right?

“I was just planning on playing on the record, I wasn’t interested in being asked to be back in the band at all. ’ We just had this slow rebuild of our relationship.” When did you first re-connect with Hayley and Taylor?

I was super shocked when, one day, Taylor was taking a break from recording and said, ‘Hey man, you want to join the band again? “There were a few years where it was a little odd, because I wasn’t playing in the band and they were touring.

The secret was teaming up with bass player/producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen to track their parts live, and the results speak for themselves - warm, grooving and human. “One of the main reasons for me rejoining was I just fell in love with the stuff that Hayley and Taylor were writing.

We caught Zac before a sold-out gig at Bristol’s Colston Hall to find out about his welcome return to the kit with Paramore, his approach to recording the new album and what Taylor York bought him as a birthday present (clue: it was a drum kit). It felt like what we were creating had never been so close to what we were listening to and inspired by.

On May 23, 2014, Farro stated he had scrapped Novel American primarily due to the lack of a suitable vocalist.‘It took three weeks of talking and venting,’ says Williams.

His debut solo album, Walkways, was released on 5 February 2016 via i Tunes.

On January 30th, his daughter Basil Farro was born.

We already knew he was drumming on the new album, but he hadn’t been a full-fledged member since leaving (along with his brother Josh) on less-than-amicable terms back in 2010.

Apparently his reconciliation with current members Hayley Williams and Taylor York is now complete.

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I said: “We’ve written a bit together before in the past, kind of, barely, and we can do this, it’s fine, let’s go for it…’” The resulting collection of songs, their self-titled fourth album, reached No.1 in Britain and the US in April and spawned top 20 single Still Into You – a mainstream pop number with a video that sees the trio monkeying around on bikes.