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A holidate is the genius combination of a date (ie, getting to know a romantic partner) and a holiday (a short trip to another town) Holidates are most appropriate (although this is not essential) when in a long distance relationship.

The only real prerequisite is that neither partner lives in the holiday destination, giving an equal playing field to explore the new town together and get to know each other better without the preconception of one person playing host.

Of course, a cozy fire and snuggling on the couch with a classic Christmas movie can change all that if you’re feeling the chemistry.Kimberly Colgate, Kelleher’s director of matchmaking, admits, “Often clients want to crawl into a cave and avoid dating during this time of year. But, the holidays are such a great time to date and meet new people!Everyone is feeling festive and winding down their work responsibilities for the year.Althogh its typically an unspoken rule that there is the expectation of sex, the comparitively innocent holidate is not to be confused with the dirty weekend, which usually sees the couple staying in the hotel room for the entirety of the weekend. Surely, you’re aware that the relationship has an expiration date on it with only the avoidance of being single as the cause and reason behind the relationship.

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Get out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to be excited by the possibility of meeting someone new.