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It'd be nice if NY in Sep could make up for London not going well.And I have a sick art friend I'd still really like to visit/meet.Destination and road trips for shoots are my favorite.I have several long and short term personal projects in progress including non-nude portraits of weird ass people and every size and shade of nude.lexspectrum at what you'd like the portraits for, CB, SG, personal, work, headshots, etc, any links to work online, and any relevant details.And either way, I love learning from my betters while naked, it's basically heaven.Newest work is slowly getting posted to Only Fans MODELSI'm happier to trade here because I love being behind the camera and I'm most looking forward to trades with other qweirdos but making cam friends is something I could stand to be better at.Nor will a portfolio full of naked white women in the desert. I will NEVER discuss travel plans with my dick in my hand, nor should you. I really can't stress how shit I am at planning things or how much I need help with this life/career trajectory right now.Sorry I love a GWC as much as the next aspiring pervert, but the work has to be mutually beneficial or you pay me just to make the effort, much less spread. lexspectrum AT protonmail- If you want or can take me to a specific trip [concert, nude beach, new zealand, whatever] email me the exact dates and as much info as possible. We got to 50k followers and dyed the bush just after i moved last year.

Edit: you guys I know I'm doing most of the work myself with lots of real help from real people, but it does feel kind of like magic.Art-porn and docu-porn preferred but I'll happily wear costumes and makeup, so I'm nerdily flexible for the right projects.However, I DO NOT ACT and have zero interest in ever really doing so.TRAVEL NOTICESDETROIT homebase meetups OCT - Theatre Bizarre FEB - Dirty Show [maybe] NYCSEP if you want to see me in NY help me with funding.I have an offer for a plane ticket, I need food and other expenses.

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