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The primal sexual attraction you sometimes feel for certain people can be misleading. Margaret Paul, a relationship expert who's appeared on Oprah and has her Ph. in psychology, initial physical attraction is a very poor indicator on how well a relationship will work out, which can lead to the feeling of abandonment. Paul, the alpha males to whom many women tend to be more attracted also tend to be more sexually promiscuous. David Holmes is a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University and a specialist in the area of personal relationships. Does she really listen when you talk about movies or sports you like?Many women say that when they're looking for a long-term relationship partner, they're actually looking for the opposite of an alpha-male: men who smile more, seem cooperative, and have more feminine features like full lips, wide eyes, and thin eyebrows. He did a study on infidelity and found that 15 percent of women cheat nowadays, a percentage just slightly lower than that of their male counterparts. You also think about how similar you are to your potential mate.Furthermore, perceived similarity was a far weaker predictor of attraction when assessed using specific traits rather than generally.

Large breasts and long hair tend to catch men's eyes, but Dr.Do you like what I did back there with the staircase analogy?Well I did, but because that's really about as far as I can go in that direction, here's another one: Relationships are like any fire (I can hear at least two boy bands warming up their vocal cords as I write this), and physical attraction is that kindling.Participants attending a speed-dating event interacted with ∼12 members of the opposite sex for 4 min each.Actual and perceived similarity for each pair were calculated from questionnaire responses assessed before the event and after each date.

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Aaron Ben-Ze'ev, a professor of philosophy and author of , suggests that physical proximity, living close to your love interest, can be beneficial to the relationship. D., a professor with the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers and chief scientific advisor to the online dating service Chemistry, someone we consider "out-of-our-league" will always be attractive because they represent an ideal.

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