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Alternately, you could take this site's odd name as a bit of my self-deprecation and just enjoy the words. ) Country: Afghanistan | Argentina | Australia | Austria | Bangladesh | Brazil | Cameroon | Canada | China | Congo | Cuba | Dominica | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | El Salvador | Equatorial Guinea | France | Germany | Ghana | Guyana | Haiti | Hong Kong | India | Indonesia | Iran | Iraq | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Jamaica | Japan | Kazakhstan | Kenya | Liberia | Malaysia | Malta | Mexico | Mozambique | Nepal | New Zealand | Nicaragua | Nigeria | Pakistan | Papua New Guinea | Philippines | Portugal | Puerto Rico | Russia | Scotland | Singapore | South Africa | South Korea | Spain | Sri Lanka | St.

This site is not sponsored by, affiliated with, nor otherwise related to Oxford University Press, which does not necessarily endorse, validate, nor approve its contents. It's a reference to Arthur Golding's translation of Calvin's commentary on the Psalms. Article Id=23205&city=1 Lexicon XIII dressed to spill | hybris | margariter | Mulholland jive | p.u.i. Entries may include obscene language or adult themes. pee | condenversation | despair conditioning | filmic moment | glute glue | little white line | pit-fall | shamtonite | skimplify (E? Read about the merger, including more information about the dictionarys contents. Article Id=23182&city=1 Lexicon XII alphabet pity | barnese | boroughbred | bungaho | gansevoria | l.i.e.r | marislime | p.u.i. It focuses upon slang, jargon, and other niche categories which include new, foreign, hybrid, archaic, obsolete, and rare words. | restaur-romp | sky-barred | self-valetdation | Saturday night fever (E? Double-Tongued Word Wrester records undocumented or under-documented words from the fringes of English.

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Wenn in der Ausgabe 02/2003 die Wirtschaftswoche mit dem Aufmacher "Haben Sie heute schon gegoogelt? during the Second World War required him to attend committee meetings at which BUREAUCRATS ran on about "maladjustments co-extensive with problem areas," "alternative but nevertheless meaningful minimae," and so on. "People ask me where I got gobbledygook," the congressman explained. At the end of this "gobble" there was a sort of gook" {New York Times Magazine, 5/21/44). Synonyms of "gobbledygook" include "bafflegab", "federalese", "officialese", "Pentagonese", and "Washington Cboctaw". The inventor said he had spent a maddening day trying to explain the OPS order to a colleague and decided a special word was needed to describe its special blend of incomprehensibility, ambiguity, verbosity and complexity. Orkish Name for horst Shaghsh the Sneak This name is for both genders. Bisher habe ich noch keine eindeutige Definition, geschweige denn einen etymologischen Hinweis dazu gefunden. Im Zusammenhang mit sprachlischen Entwicklungen ist auch interessant, welche unterschiedlichen Entwicklungen die englische Sprache in England und den USA erfhrt. ) hlt wach Routinierte Fahrer wissen es schon lange, doch nun gibt es auch die wissenschaftliche Besttigung: Mde Fahrer sind bei der Annherung an ihren Heimatort wieder aufmerksamer. ) DRINKS & FOOD | FUN | BEAUTY | ARTS & CULTURE | FASHION | DAILYCANDY KIDS Daily Candy is the ultimate source for the latest need-to-know information about fashion, food and fun.

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