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When the Mishnah talks about Aharon, it says that he was Ohev Shalom v’Rodef Shalom, Oheiv et ha Briot, umekarvan latorah: that he loved peace and pursued peace, that he loved all of God’s creatures and brought them close—mekarvan (the same root as Keruv)—to Torah.And so what we learn from our biblical teachers is that Keruv, in its essence, is an act of Chesed, of lovingkindness: it’s inherently an act of human beings reaching out to other human beings, and offering them the gift of Torah, of connection and of community; and any good Jewish community worth its salt engages in some kind of Keruv.Sunday Update: As predicted by the forecasts, MTR finished a solid second with million for the weekend, behind the glorious Blades at million.Compare that to TMNT's million last weekend, and it looks like the new Disney flick did pretty decent in a tough weekend.In modern times, Keruv has become more and more associated with reaching out to unaffiliated Jews who do not belong to synagogues.And this is the idea behind so many introduction to Judaism classes and other adult education programs designed to offer a way in for Jews of all backgrounds that have become a staple of modern synagogue life."This Normal Life," his personal blog, has appeared weekly since 2002.

Does anyone have any additional advice, successes or thoughts on the topic? Rabbi Kalman Packouz’s “How to Stop an Intermarriage” is perhaps the best known of all writings on this tricky subject.It contains excellent advice for anyone trying to convince a child, relative or friend to break off a proposed intermarriage.It seems that many of the great biblical figures were also especially concerned with Keruv.And their lives and stories teach us much about how to draw other people Karov, close to Judaism.

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The turtle movie nabbed another $9.2 million for fourth, a 62% drop from last weekend (and yes, that's a big drop).

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