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  1. I'm very picky with what I watch as I've seen pretty stupid dramas w/ pretty dumb stuff going on hahaha! Your acting is so believable, you are the person who got me hooked to Korean dramas, l love ur sense of humour and that smile when you acting..rilly made me believe in true love in the coffee prince..wz superb acting there Mr Watching goblin.the star cast in it,specially actor kong ji-chul(gong joo)n plus I watched ur running man as well today itself love ur energy...u sure is a great actor. in every pose in dramas or movies also in the running man ep 175 ..... I started to check all of your works, except for A Man and A Woman, I cant stand to see you work as someone unfaithful ? She waited for 5 years to finally got your 'yes' to work with. Fighting :) Ahh Gong Yooshi I don't want to do but when will you get married? You're a great person and excellent actor but Why has he not won any awards for his great performances??