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Intimidating advanced guestbook 2 3 4

While an individual, especially in a small organization, might have the specific responsibility of hiring and firing, it's usually still a good idea to make the process a group effort, for several reasons: Given these reasons, it's generally wise to try to choose a representative group, including the position's supervisor (and/or the Director, if he's specifically responsible for hiring); at least one staff member; and at least one participant or beneficiary of the organization or initiative.

It's probably desirable to keep the group to four or fewer, since a larger number can be seen as intimidating, and is difficult to schedule.

If applications are scored formally, then either (1) the scores are added up, and interviewees are selected by starting at the highest total score (calculated by adding all committee members' scores together) and working down to whatever number you've decided to interview, or (2) the scores are used only as a starting point, and the interviewers then hash out in discussion who they want to interview.

If you use an informal approach, it's likely that you'll simply work out your choices in discussion also, but without a scoring system as a guide.

People receive up to a certain number of points for each criterion they meet (the better their qualifications, the more points).

Applicants aren't considered at all if they're lacking any of the advertised required qualifications (bachelor's degree, at least one year of experience in a related field, etc.).In reality, if you score formally, most people adjust their scores so that the candidates they favor score highest, anyway. No matter how you score, it's important to take notes on each application, so that you can remember what it was you liked or disliked about a particular individual, and also so that you'll have a record of what criteria you applied in case you're ever challenged legally.A second interview can often be extremely helpful if its form is different from the first.The next issue to resolve is whether everyone in the group should have an equal voice, or whether the Director or someone else should have either a stronger say or the final say on hiring.That should probably depend on two things: the values and philosophy of the organization, and whether one person has, in his job description, the sole responsibility for hiring new staff.

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Many organizations, if they conduct two rounds of interviews, use a different group of interviewers for the second.

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