Invalidating childhood environments in anorexia and bulimia nervosa creative dating com

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In sum, unfortunate transactional processes over time are thought to create pervasive trait-like patterns of emotion dysregulation.In everyday life, high intensity and/or long duration of emotional arousal tend to heighten the risk of emotion dysregulation in response to everyday emotional events [].

Self-image as an intervening mechanism between emotion dysregulation and ED symptoms is relevant for models of the development, maintenance and treatment of ED, as well as treatment focus.

There were distinct indirect effects through self-image on the relationship between emotion dysregulation and ED symptoms, but not vice versa.

These indirect effects were evident in relation to cognitive ED symptoms and both OBE and SBE, but not in relation to excessive exercise.

A growing number of ED researchers have used the Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS), measuring difficulties in awareness, acceptance and understanding of emotions, as well as lack of strategies to manage emotions, control impulses and problems engaging in goal-directed behavior while in distress.

Recent studies using the DERS show that for women with either AN or BN, more ED symptoms was significantly correlated with more emotion dysregulation [ Interpersonal factors that impact emotion regulation are increasingly in focus in ED research.

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It then considers ways in which theory and research could be developed in order to improve and extend our understanding of cognitive content and processes in eating disorders.

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