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Moey and myself were despatched to the adjacent fields put to practice the knowledge that we had learned the previous day and look for further signs of possible stone circle activity.

Following further research after we departed, Ron and Margaret registered both the Trushal Stone Circle and the Ballantrushal Stone Circle with the Council For Scottish Archaeology and details were published in its publication Discovery and Excavation Scotland Volume 3 2002.

Re the Ballantrushal Stone Circle; the finders are listed as myself, Moey, Ron and Margaret Curtis, while Ron and Margaret are listed as the finders of the Trushal Stone Circle.

There is something really cool about September, and I am not just talking the temperatures here, its that time when your on the cusp of the change in seasons when the glowing embers of summer start to fade and there is a feeling of real change in the air.

It had been three years since our last visit and we were both looking forward to revisiting the many of the sites that we saw in 1999 as well as seeing those that we missed but most importantly meeting up again with Ron and Margaret Curtis and making the pilgrimage to see Iarsiadra Standing Stone (Callanish 8A) which we had helped Ron and Margaret resurrect in September1999.

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Further investigation highlighted similar stumps and socket holes that we had seen at Site 11 the previous day and some sizeable broken slabs, which could have been part of the circle.