Is dating violence a problem on college campuses

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Is dating violence a problem on college campuses

This omission is lamented in a recent article appearing in Inside Higher Education.In that article, Lisa Maatz, Vice President of Government Relations at the American Association of University Women states, “It’s all on a continuum…when we’re talking about sexual assault, we’re basically talking about violence against women.Numerous articles in The Chronicle of Higher Education and the New York Times have reported the latest legislative developments in Washington as well as the personal accounts and frustrations of victims of campus sexual assault and/or students who have been accused of such behavior.And administrators are solicited on a daily basis by training companies and consultants offering on-site training, invitations to participate in webinars, on-line educational modules, and other resources to prepare them to deal with sexual assault on their campus.

While our attention is understandably devoted to combatting campus sexual assault and debating consent, let us not forget to afford equivalent attention to the problem of dating violence on our campuses.

Most importantly, we must be clear to extend President Obama’s pledge to victims of campus sexual assault; we must let those who have been victims of relationship violence know that we’ve ‘got their back’.

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Advocacy: Professional organizations, and College and University administrators acting on an individual basis, are urged to incorporate the issue of relationship violence, as well as other forms of campus violence, in their national agendas.

For example, NASPA has taken a significant step toward this goal in two ways; The “Enough is Enough Campaign” which focuses on bullying and general acts of aggression on campus, and through the 2015 NASPA Violence Prevention Conference, being held from January 11 – January 13, 2015, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland.

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As the White House Task Force appointed to make recommendations on statutory language soon realized, the numbers can be elusive since defining what constitutes “dating violence” or even what is a “dating relationship” in an era when the “hooking up” phenomenon tends to blur the lines.

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