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As a young toddler, she played on the side of the tennis courts, chasing down balls during her father's hitting sessions.

Stefano began giving his daughter tennis instruction when she was 3 years old, and her prodigious talent immediately became apparent.

Capriati was a precociously gifted athlete from the time she was an infant.

She learned to swim before she learned to crawl and was able to swing all the way across a set of monkey bars before she could walk.

By 1993, Capriati's career and life started spiraling out of control. Her now-infamous mug shot depicts a baggy-eyed, sullen and depressed 17-year-old nearly unrecognizable from the fist-pumping, smiling teen who had taken the world by storm a few years earlier.

Although she returned to professional tennis in 1996, Capriati spent the next several years playing like a shadow of her former self.

A year later, in 1991, she reached the semifinals of both Wimbledon and the U. Open, and at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona she defeated Steffi Graf to take home the gold medal.

"This wasn't a debut," said tennis great Ted Tinling. " Within months, Capriati won her first professional tournament, the 1990 Puerto Rico Open.

Jennifer Capriati is a former professional tennis player, who in 1990 became the youngest player to ever be ranked in the Women's Tennis Association top ten.

A gifted athlete from the time she was born, Capriati began watching her father play tennis as a toddler, beginning lessons by the time she was in kindergarten.

For the next five years, Capriati took lessons from Evert and continued to develop her sensational talents.

By the time Capriati was 10 years old, she had run out of competition in her hometown of Lauderhill.

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