Jewish and non jewish dating

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Jewish and non jewish dating

Location: Seegasse 9 to 11, 1090 Vienna Opening Times: Monday to Friday 7am to 3pm; Access through local residence for the Elderly (‘Pensionistenheim’) If you would like to learn about Jewish life in Vienna I think the best way is to meet with private individuals in a fun way.

After all, the best chats happen between kitchen and dining table.

Two large white marble blocks emprisoning human bodies open a small passage to a life size bronzen jew bending down to clean the streets.

Austrian artist Alfred Hrdlicka rocked the public conscience about the atrocities of World War II with his ‘Memorial Against War and Fascism’.

After the memorial had been set up in 1988, many tourists mistook the jew for a cosy bench to have their sandwiches: He has been wrapped up in barbed wire since.

While Dorotheergasse highlights Jewish life in the 19th and early 20th century, Judenplatz showcases Jewish Vienna in the Middle Ages, focusing on the thriving Jewish community up to the Shoah in 1420.

I have been to the museum in Dorotheergasse and was impressed by its candidness and yet fresh perspectives of Vienna and its Jewish community. In the Middle Ages, Judenplatz (‘Jews Square’) was the center of the Jewish community.

The memorial was designed by British artist Rachel Whiteread.

The platform around the monument carries the names of those Austrian places where Jews were murdered during the Nazi-Regime.

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