Keep dating broke guys

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And finally, if you have some gentlemanly qualities, the beautiful blond Swedish girls will be all over you.

Sometimes when cute guys approached me I was so shy that I just stared away from them, my heart pounding in my ears, hoping that they would endure my seemingly disinterest until I got past the panic attack.There was another bar down in Coral Gables that I frequented cause it had good music and a good crowd. My apartment was modest for the money I was making; a two bedroom, which I shared with two other guys (do you see a pattern).Oh and then there was only one bathhouse in town but I didn't ever go there. Being a financial planner, I knew to keep my expenses low and begin saving for retirement early.I knew exactly how many shots you could get out of different size bottles and I knew the huge markup. In fact I am just now remembering how much I loved that industry back then. I mean I didn't know his name or anything about him really, he was just at the same clubs on the same nights as me, as was the rest of Miami. The music was thumping, the dance floor was overflowing, drinks were pouring and I was sitting in my usual spot on a big black ledge just at the edge of the dance floor. I could jump right into the dancing when I felt like it too. I stopped everything; my breathing, my heart, my thoughts.He and these other guys used to run around the clubs without their shirts, be the first ones on the dance floor, strip on amateur strip night, hang with the drag queens and just be the life of the party. He had a Brazilian/Spanish/American look to him and dark green eyes. I could also feel the waves of energy flowing from all the guys jumping up and down to the beat, their shirts off and waving their hands in the air. Nathan jumped up and sat next to me, sweating and panting from being on the dance floor for an hour. I wanted nothing more than to get in this guys pants while he was still so into me. I whispered that I lived just a few blocks away and he responded saying, "Well, what the fuck are we still doing here?

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