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Usually, the student will become more timid to use the language or try to use words in the future unless they’re completely sure of their meaning.I also reminded my “friends” later that I don’t attack them when they misuse a word, if it’s extremely rude, I remind myself that it’s not their first language and I try to help them understand why it could be taken the wrong way.After this situation, I had discussions with my husbands friends, who are all older than I am by almost a decade, and asked each one of them what would make them more comfortable.Could I use the lower form of the language with them?I have had to remind Korean friends and acquaintances that though I’m speaking Korean, I’m still coming from a western mindset and so some of the things that I say easily or openly may not be what Koreans would normally say, but I think that should be expected. Check out 90 Day Korean for some great FREE resources as well as awesome courses and instruction by people that know what they’re doing.Often it seems when I switch into Korean, listeners seem to assume I also take on a Korean mentality, though I do not.

One of the biggest lessons I learned, however, was that I have almost no “friends” in Korea.If she has a more specific title, like manager or teacher, then that title would be switched in, though then her last name would be used instead of her first as in my example.If you’re “friends” with someone instead of saying the more formal “-” you can attach “-a” to a name ending with a consonant or “-ya” to a name ending with a vowel.The book explained, “it is used in talking to someone who is junior to the speaker, or to someone who is on familiar terms with the speaker.” I made the assumption that familiar terms encompassed So-yung and I who had known each other for years and were very familiar with each other. The next assumption I made was that “friend”, a word I had heard over and over and had used from my very first year in Korea, meant what it means in English. Chingu is only used with people of the same age in Korean.You can be friendly with older people or younger people, but you will never be their friend.

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Two of the more tolerant members of our group came in to calm me and explain in nicer terms what everyone had gotten so upset about.

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