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Still, the unromantic gender-power themes in the book seem as trailblazing today on stage as they were on the page in the 1920s.And Hedydd Dylan and Jonah Russell convey more than a little tenderness – and nakedness – as co-joined unconventional lovers facing an deeply unhappy conventional ending, even at times when this achingly slow production feels like John Thomas saying good-night to Lady Jane, a little droopingly.While Constance loves her husband, she has grown weary of her life as a bird in a gilded cage, as well as her husband's lack of affection.

Since costume dramas are ten-a-penny these days, yet another version of Chatterly is surely surplus to requirements, unless, of course, it is willing to offer up a bit more flesh than, say, "The Tudors".

See more » There have been at least five or six screen adaptations of Lady Chatterly's Lover, and this one adds nothing new or noteworthy.

It is mediocre at best, and despite the ludicrous warning on Netflix that this version contains "strong sex", be assured it is decidedly tame.

Richard Madden who plays Oliver Mellers in this adaptation played Robb Stark, son of Eddard "Ned" Stark in Game of Thrones.

Ned Stark was played by Sean Bean who played Oliver Mellers in Lady Chatterley back in 1993.

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But he’s clearly more concerned with – and more successful at – exploring the tenderness of the flowering sexual contact between Constance Chatterly and earthy Mellors, whether they are fumbling their first sweaty encounter, garlanding their “Lady Jane and John Thomas” in pubic forget-me-nots, or cavorting around the forest in pouring rain on a stage set that’s mostly as bare as their bodies.