Latest free live dating without credit card Free random webcam

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Latest free live dating without credit card

google the transation name which appear in my account and found this site ..

Comments on Bowelec tech zhejiangsh Comment from DMITRY - Posted Jul 11, 2018AWARE!!!

The details on my cc statement are as follows; Ref #: 74662558171Date: 20/06/2018Amount: 9.70.

In anticipation I thank you for your assistance in relation to this matter. Https:// email: [email protected] i have ordered a four wheeler for my granddaughters sixth birthday and it has been over a month and never received anything and her birthday is July 29th and i cant even track my order because there is no tracking info. I got scam against this credit card FHT*CDZIXIMAOYI they use this card collecting money for there customers on there scam site selling Tools. So upset about money taken off my account on the 9th July .00 for something i didn't asked for to be taken out.

Regards Greg Hazel This company took 0.00 Cdn and never shipped the product. I don't mind but at least theres a number to contact you.

I'm from Australia but the language is so not understanable and can't contact you.

I sow today on my bank app that the amount of 60 euro have already been charged. I have tried to to get the refund but I do not seem to be able to locate them.

Received e-mail from shipping company stating goods were on route.

When item actually arrived 12 days after order, the package contained a cheap pair of sunglasses, the box being labelled as shoes!! Credit card bill arrived and monies paid to Fht*gomans co . Cost involved £88.92 plus £2.62 Non sterling transaction fee.

Bunch or dishonest people that charges and debit the account for trades and on the statement is shows this; V4263 19/06 FHT*QGONZHOU CO SHENZHEN 7493808817. Uk website..shipped from Shanghi and Emailing from USA.£19 to send them to a USA address which does not exist..

They refuse to provide a return shipping address and also refuse to refund money.

This is a scam I've been charged yesterday of € 2,22 by Lelie Technology while buying a flight ticket on site.

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I live in Romania and I chose yesterday a pair of shoes from the site and when I tried to pay it with my debit card I received an error message.

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