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The LEDE Community is proud to present the current LEDE 17.01 stable version series.

It incorporates thousands of commits over the last nine months of effort.

With this release, the LEDE development team closes out an intense effort to modernize many parts of Open Wrt and incorporate many new modules, packages, and technologies.

The LEDE 17.01 series has the goals of creating LEDE's first stable build for production use, and establishing a baseline for future development and releases. The Open Wrt Chaos Calmer release series is the latest supported stable release of the Open Wrt project before the LEDE/Open Wrt project merger.

The merger of the Open Wrt and LEDE forums and wikis is not yet fully decided, so all portals will continue to be available under their respective domains until a definite consensus is reached.For more information or to share your feedback, please do contact us.The DMAN team look forward to your getting in touch with us.Note: As of January 2018, the current Stable Open Wrt release was built from the LEDE 17.01 source code, and branded with the LEDE project name.Development versions of Open Wrt are currently branded with the Open Wrt name, and have a version number of 18.01.

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We will continue to work on improving stability and release maintenance while aiming for frequent minor releases to address critical bugs and security issues like we did with LEDE 17.01 and its four point releases until now.

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