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Listbox not updating

Hi, I have a list Box that's updated (using List Box. I really need the whole thing running with the timer, but I can't seem to make the list Box refresh or update or whatever it should be doing during the timed Event so that the messages are showing.

Setting Datasource may be a different story.) When I update the Display value of the underlying object, the associated List Box entry does not update, nor have any of my attempts to refresh the list worked. But the List Box continues to show "OLD Display Value" in the control!I have overridden the To String method to display the Display value.(Two examples that I have seen, including an MS example, suggest that the Display Member and Value Member properties of the List Box can be used in this way, I could not get it to work using the List Items. Refresh(); That doesn't seem to be working either, the code I have for it is: private static void On Timed Event(object source, Elapsed Event Args e) and this code is used during initialisation of the program: System. Then you don't show the form, but just lose it because it goes out of scope after the On Timed Event method finishes. Add ("hello");, but it gets me the "error: Form1.cs(1628): Keyword this is not valid in a static property, static method, or static field initializer"? Selected Item = null; This will create a (very) brief flicker as the last item in the listbox is selected and unselected. NET 1.1 bug, the scroll bar in the listbox will not reflect the change in position until the mouse is moved over it. the newly added one) is visible I think it can handle a lot of characters. Actually all view modes are list views (so Icons, List, etc.) and it's very powerful. Or are your trying to add the string "hello" to the listbox (called list Msg) of a single instance of Form1 (called form Stuff) every 10 seconds? You create every time a new form (as mentioned by eternal_21) and add the item in its list box. End Update() block, but because of what appears to be a . Another route (if it will suit your application) is to add values to the top of the List Box instead of the bottom. You can put the following code in your application, but note that if there are any items selected in the textbox, it will NOT scroll. It is more powerful, which you may need in the future and it has a standard method called Ensure Visible, based on which you can ensure that a specific item (e.g. Actually a list view is what you see the file in Windows Explorer in. C:\), change the view to Details and you will see the list view.

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A listbox, some fields, and a few command buttons, what is not working is when I click on a add button.