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When she returned her palm to press full against his welling he increased the tempo of his jerkings, she continued to caress his face, particularly his nostrils and lips, with the silky panties she held in her free hand.Woman and male stared at the reflection, they were both aware of the increase in that genital swelling beneath the panties.Paul had shown quite an attitude for art during his stays with Sarah and also at the Centre and following a recommendation from Sarah in her capacity as Governess, the young man was sent away on a three month course to an Art College in London.This was all a part of Sarah’s plan, she wanted him out of the way for a while so she could concentrate her attention on young Janet.

Sarah, a handsome woman in her late thirties, was a governess at the well known Stoughton Centre, the inmates were mostly young folk in their late teens who came from broken homes or were orphans.The first step, once she had Paul accepting his new identity, if only at certain times, was to turn her attention to his girl friend, Janet.She would gradually condition the young girl to accept Paul as Pauline and eventually she herself would be as much under the control of Mrs Sarah Wilson as was her intended husband-to-be.The fabric was being stretched by the manly growth and when she started to hump against him in the rhythm of his own loin-thrusts he became more and more excited and aroused.That wonderful nylon being held to his face, the equally wonderful nylon his penis was thrusting against, made him want but one thing – to come into his own panties.

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She was now pressing her belly and the broad upper part of her thighs more urgently against his arse and the small of his back.