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She’s confident, into sports, and she “practically bounced” in her director’s chair prior to the first BSC meeting Logan is invited to. Ah, see, this is all part of some Great Ann M Martin plan…

A panicking Claudia calls an emergency meeting of the BSC and hauls the club record book to school so they can sort out all of the jobs during their lunch break, where Mary Anne proceeds to have a go at Kristy for suggesting they advertise at the PTA meeting, I froze. Kristy would have been a good girlfriend for Logan. Oh, wait – Dawn ends up dating Logan’s cousin in the future, doesn’t she?

I, Connie Marshall, state that I have not given Informed Consent to any State or Federal Official for any Medical Research or Weapons Testing.

I further state, that I have been Targeted in Louisville, KY to coverup corruption on the state and federal level.

As much as Mary Anne would love to gaze some more at Logan Bruno, the Baby-Sitters Club has bigger things to worry about; they have more business than they can handle, and parents are calling Claudia at all hours to find sitters, after Kristy’s Newest Great Idea that they advertise at PTA meetings. The voice belonged to Logan Bruno, the wonderful, amazing Cam Geary look-alike. ) and Kristy invites him to the next Baby-Sitters Club meeting, to see what the club’s all about. Why isn’t Mary Anne flashing her claws and getting into a cat-fight over this comment?

Also, she hasn’t based his entire personality and worth on his appearance. Ah’ve haid plainy of expuryence.” baby-sits (…really?

Furthermore, they know who is committing the crimes as they have made quotes stating:"You are Redlined," "We were told not to assist you," "We're not getting involved," etc.

AND THE CALLS BEGAN, ONE OF WHICH THE CALLER STATED THAT HE WAS DANIEL COBBLE, WHO HAD ASSISTED ME EARLIER IN PREPARING MY DOCUMENTS FOR MY CASE. The person begin to talk about filing papers, as if he knew what I had just done. because all night and the next morning I began receiving calls from various numbers, two (2) of the calls were from the Louisville Metro Police Dept. Further, only someone The Tina Turner song that the female is cursing in and singing in the word doc only provides me with more proof that the Louisville Metro Police are committing these criminal acts and making these terroristic calls.

On July 24, 2012 I prepared a Document to be filed in my court case with the help of a friend, Daniel Cobble. Only an Official that has made a would know that I used to be a Tina Turner Impersonator.

When Mary Anne phones Logan to tell him this, Logan beats her to it and says he likes them all – but he doesn’t want to join the BSC (bravo, Bruno! Then, in the same breath, asks Mary Anne to the Remember September Dance. He put his arm across my shoulder and kicked his legs Rockette-style. But Mary Anne refuses to get over it, and spends the rest of the night sitting in the shadows. The other ridiculous reaction Mary Anne has is to the party that Stacey throws for her thirteenth birthday. ), speaks in a drawly southern accent (Fun fact: Martin’s family is from Louisville).

Anyway, they line Logan up with a job, with a new client – the infamous Rodowsky clan – and send Mary Anne along with him, totally to evaluate his skills as a baby-sitter, and not at all to push the two of them together. Logan passes the test, but the BSC don’t think they can have him in the club – because they won’t be able to gossip properly at meetings any more if he’s there. Logan was laughing hysterically, and I was feeling pretty good myself. Logan attempts to console her a few times – everyone’s forgotten it, are you okay, do you want anything? It feels like the behaviour of a person who wants attention, wants people to go to her and check on her. Really, Ann M Martin constructed the perfect little boyfriend for her Mary Sue character; considerate, doting, patient, looks like a super star (what does Cam Geary do, exactly, other than pose for magazines? Recommends movies to her (The 80’s er, “classic”, , starring Bill Murray. You know, this one: It was produced in the 90’s – made by Disney but broadcast on HBO! The BSC had thirteen episodes, of which I remember one (the first one), and I’m sure it’s full of quality acting and story lines ripe for a snark.

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