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Mandating alternative fuels

EPA estimates that less than 10,000 tanks hold hazardous substances covered by the UST regulations.

USTs are most used as storage for gasoline in gas stations as well as the military.

The Asian nation is the world’s biggest supporter and producer of electric vehicles, and this year it overtook the U. in terms of the number of EVs on the road, with new registrations increasing 70 percent year-on-year to around 350,000 units, while Europe saw sales rise by only 7 percent.

In an effort to catch up with Beijing in a rapidly expanding market, EU lawmakers threatened financial penalties on carmakers that fail to cut tailpipe emissions by 30 percent between 20.

Today there are far fewer since many substandard UST systems have been closed.

For the most current statistics, see UST Performance Measures.

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It’s a surprising development for a market segment that was virtually non-existent only five years ago.