Marrired woman dating

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Anon - I disagree with you regarding the idea that the cheating man is the "bigger card" for being a cheater.I would place as much blame on the woman poacher since it takes both sides to get entangled.This topic has relativity regarding understanding mating motivators and drives for both sexes, not just "single women." I find your comment pretty insensitive and lacking in any real discourse. You did not stoop, and sometimes the truth has to be said.If you want to contribute to the discussion, then do it. Bachelor is an idiot, and should be treated as such. I will have you know that I took Psychology 101 in 9th grade before I dropped out of school.The hotter her rival, the hotter she is, the more she feels superior to the wife in terms of having the goods that men want. If he were to actually leave his wife or partner to make this relationship permanent, brace yourself for a nosedive. someone like me.”) to showcasing desirable qualities that the current mate lacks (e.g., “She’s cold and unfeeling; I, however, am warm, vivacious, and loving.”) Still others engage in “bait-and-switch” tactics, initially offering sex with no strings attached, only to expect down the road that her man will become so attached that he can’t bear to live without her. Maybe even start an affair with the husband you have. I was right there with you until you said 'married men'.

Anon - If you knew this Martian Bachelor and the history of their posts on this site, you would see that either 1) they are just posting to garner attention by being sarcastic or stupid, or 2) they really are stupid and doing it to be funny. ) You are absolutely correct and no, I am not familiar with that individual or his previous posts. Keep the thread going and always ask the question, no matter what it is. did you just refer to yourself as a "victim" your an adulterer and in the eyes of god that's just wrong and if you do have children and you did end up getting divorced then you cheated those kids on having both there mom and dad under the same roof and god knows what other problems this will lead to for them in the future. I don't think it is realistic to expect life-long marriages to work, let alone remain monogamous. What about the woman who marries an alcoholic because she likes to play the rescuer?The show has a dark, twisted sort of humor, but it also conveys the right message as well. Besides this show, the only other comedy worth watching these days is Silicon Valley. Valerie Golden Mate poaching is a robust phenomenon, and it is here to stay.It is a fine line between sarcasm and stupidity, and Bachelor straddles it. What if hubby sobers up and no longer can live with her dynamic?What if he finds someone who isn't a co-dependent and who likes him for who he is instead of needing to play the co-dependent game? Divorce might be the honorable thing, but what if he has young children?

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Especially for rule-breakers, it’s just more fun being naughty. And the sex is great because it’s new, adventurous, no strings attached, etc..