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in 2006, Johnny Briggs received an award at the British Soap Awards that same year for his three decades of contribution to the successful soap opera.

It seems that before he landed the role of Mike Baldwin, Briggs had a pretty colorful resume, starring in productions of , Fred Elliott was the Mr.

It wouldn’t take long before Rosie’s confidence grew and she became one of the most charismatic female characters in the soap opera.

The 32-year-old rapper was last seen singing about his break up from ex-wife Millie Mackintosh after their split in February on new track 'Back on the Market',... British Tv star Ryan Thomas has been declared bankrupt.There were many occasions when Baldwin would sack his staff members without sympathy.Mike’s time in Weatherfield came to a tragic end when he had a heart attack next to his factory and died in the arms of the man who he had been in a love-hate relationship with over the years, Ken Barlow.Although fans will remember Charles Lawson the most for his role as Jim Mc Donald, he has maintained his reputation as a talented actor in a series of other projects.His most recent role came in 2016 when he starred as Doctor Black in the BBC drama for a staggering 55 years, officially making her the longest-standing female character in the show’s history.

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