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) and the annual Women of the Year love-fest, all which have garnered the mag the most media attention, there are plenty of other highlights to celebrate, ultimately culminating in a fantastic finale issue for 2009.While Jezebel has taken the glossy to task for tokenism, the virtual impossibility of living up to its body diversity promise and sex article abstinence in the presence of the demure Mrs.

She worked at Vogue for 14 years, In Style for four and now she's one of the most important players at two of Conde Nast's biggest titles.

I was up for a really big piece of business a few years ago and we were up against a company that was very different -- it wasn't a magazine company, it wasn't a media company, it wasn't a branded company, it was primarily a television company, so it was media, but it wasn't print-based and this was probably going to be the largest sell of my career.

And I actually went back to advice I was given in high school by my favorite English teacher.

The couple's latest destination is the Brando, Marlon Brando's private resort in French Polynesia, where the couple have been relaxing on a boat alongside Bruce Springsteen, Oprah Winfrey, and Tom Hanks. Your natural hair looks flawless in this sunshine." "Barack, take it vertically. Twitter obviously kvelled over the photo, expressing their love for America's mom and dad.

It looks like the political couple were getting some sun on the deck of the ship, where they found themselves in prime photo-shoot conditions.

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We are completely interactive and talking all the time, every day. I think that the challenges aren't very different in selling both.

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