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Models and relationship quality in dating couples

(2010) Mapping Young Adults’ Use of Fathers for Attachment Support: Implications on Romantic Relationship Experiences. (2005) Predictors of Young Adults’ Representations of and Behaviour in Their Current Romantic Relationship: Prospective Tests of the Prototype Hypothesis. Secure participants were more satisfied in their relationships than the insecure styles of attachment. Finally, chi-square tests revealed that there was no association between gender and attachment style. (2014) Exploring the Association between Adult Attachment Styles in Romantic Relationships, Perceptions of Parents from Childhood and Relationship Satisfaction.

(2006) Young Adults’ Retrospective Reports of Parenting by Mothers and Fathers: Associations with Current Relationship Quality. Vorria, P., Vairami, M., Gialaouzidis, M., Kotroni, E., Koutra, G., Markou, N., Marti, E. (2007) Romantic Relationships, Attachment Styles, and Experiences of Childhood. Results were discussed in terms of methodological limitations such as the use of self-report measures; theoretical weaknesses for example the variability in the approaches used in attachment research; and future research, which included the use of longitudinal studies which may offer insight into how early parenting behaviours act as predictors of later relationship functioning. (2000) The Stability of Attachment Security from Infancy to Adolescence and Early Adulthood: General Introduction. Participants completed a battery of self-report measures assessing their attachment style in romantic relationships, satisfaction in their current romantic relationship, and an adjective checklist describing their parents and their parent’s relationship with each other. (1990) Procedures for Identifying Disorganised/ Disorientated Infants during the Ainsworth Strange Situation. and Cummings, M., Eds., Attachment in the Preschoolyears, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 121-160. The majority of males had an avoidant-fearful style, while females tended to have an avoidant-fearful or secure style. A., Eds., Handbook of Attachment: Theory, Research, and Clinical Applications, 2nd Edition, Guilford Press, New York, 456-481.

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