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Moderated sex chat

In-jokes and traditions: It's well known that asking The RNG nicely (or not so much) for something in here can often get results; Any sort of chart or graph can be procured here, usually regarding hardcore run speed; This channel is also known for openly discussing spoilers; Also, it's frowned on to ask "stupid" questions, which are generally questions which don't require copious amounts of math to answer; Also, you must like math, long walks on the beach, and gazing at the stars. Random instantaneous zombification occurs courtesy of blackhatluck.

/c foodcourt opened May 26, 2005, to separate the social aspect of /c trade (in other words, this is where all the chatter that people want to have in /trade should really go). Where trading is forbidden, intelligence is mandatory, confusion is necessary, common sense is requested, and pants are optional," as the famous quote by So and So tells us.Many newcomers are welcomed to the channel with this quote, in /foodcourt also know as "the macro".There is currently a movie, a video game, and a genealogy of /foodcourt in the works.In-jokes and traditions: Please don't break your stone, come into the channel and announce "Attack me! " Yes, the channel is quiet a lot of the time -- its inhabitants like it that way.In-jokes and traditions: The Gigantic Superfluous Fountain is unofficially owned by and partially located in here.

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