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My mistress entered the home after a stressful day of work. I am not supposed to talk unless I am asked to and never to look at her eyes. "You better me locked," she told as she attached the leash and locked near the door. I didn't know how long it could be before I would be unlocked again. There are far too many people in this world that only wish that they could have the relationship that the two of you have!I have been well trained to keep my head down all the time. She also bounded my hands and feet together behind my back. I do hope that yo will continue to share from your actual life experiences!She wore blue denim shorts to her ass an ecstatic look. She has always been very careful about her diet and try to avoid as much carbs as possible. We both run around 5 Kilometres every day to keep ourselves fit. Of course, I would be punished for the lack of service. You are capable of providing them further evidence to prove the model," I tried to console. But, I was never asked to sacrifice my corporate life as a result of our domestic lifestyle. "I am always at your footstep." "Do you think u have a choice? "The model we were developing to predict hedonic needs of consumer has reached it's final stages. Once she was done with that, she was made to stand under the sun the entire day until dusk.She got angry on me and invited me to her barracks.

I was asked to stand in that position until she completed her presentation. I kept the coin during the entire time the meeting went. When she was done with meeting, I couldn't find the excitement she had earlier. I am 28 years old, well built, 5 feet and 11 inches tall. She possesses very slim body with proper endowments.She possesses an ideal size of breast and well toned ass.The Company Commandant gave a punishment to Camp Commandant for her ignorance.She was ordered to run 15 laps around the parade ground holding a 0.33 mm gun weighing almost 10 kilograms above her head.

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