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The un-dating doesn’t look great considering how troubled the production was, but August 29th is a terrible release date for a movie, regardless; a total dumping ground slot (same with the first week of September), so the proof will be in the new date when it arrives. is putting a stake into the ground on July 22, 2016 for Guy Ritchie’s “King Arthur” movie, which hasn’t started casting, let alone shooting.

Ewan Mc Gregor eventually stepped up to take the part.

Andrew Lauren Productions will assist in financing the film.

Lauren himself said, “I was mesmerized by the scope of vision of Brady’s first film The Childhood of a Leader. His work is more reminiscent of a Sergei Eisenstein or Fritz Lang.

The soundtrack will feature original songs written by Sia.

“We are thrilled to welcome such a stellar actress as Natalie Portman to the cast,” said Bold Films Chairman Michel Litvak.

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Update 04/25: “Jane Got A Gun” will open on February 20, 2015.