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Nice guys dating guide

They may act as if the girl is the most unattractive female they have ever met. Being very nice and very available can ruin your chances to attract the girl you like.The acts and behaviors like that, although logically will make any woman/girl upset and angry, in fact make many females feel challenged and (subconsciously) try to get those bad boys attention. At first she might like it and be thankful to your kindness. If you always do and act like that, soon she’ll no longer deem it, too, if those good guys have learned something on how to make you become more attracted to them. I’ll also list your arguments on why you turned yourself to those bad boys later (And if you feel that you need to share something, you can do so here). Now let’s discuss why nice guys finish last, why girls are so attracted to guys who our society considers as bad. Confidence Confidence that bad men show are the qualities that women seek in men.These qualities give the impression of strength, and women are known to be fond of strong men.But still, they choose to be with those bad boys instead.In their common sense, no women will choose a bad man over a gentleman. There are even many poems and songs written about it.Friends, if this is how you usually behave when you’re chasing a girl, stop that. No one will value you more than you value yourself!Think about this: if you need her so badly to make your life “more livable”, then it means you don’t think your life is good enough.

Unlike nice guys who often presents themselves as if they were “asexual”, bad guys hardly hide their intentions for sex.

Unfortunately, nice guys hardly shows this quality. This is another area where nice guys finish last in getting a date from a girl. Because usually they become too nervous to talk to the girl they like, let alone telling a joke or bringing fun to the conversation. It helps them a lot in making their meeting with the girls fun and exciting.

Their “too nice” attitude makes them seen as guys with no or lack of confidence. Dominance Dominance of others may irritate you, but it’s not the case with women.

But nice guys, instead of leading, they usually give the control over to the woman by, for example, asking her where she wants to go for the date. Only when she objects then you may ask for her suggestion.

Self esteem A bad boy doesn’t shows neediness to a woman, no matter how beautiful she is.

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No, it’s not because those girls don’t know about those guys’ bad reputation with women. In fact, the smell of their stinks precede them everywhere they go.

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