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Ohio state university policy dating students

"The days of reckoning are arriving for these types of behaviors," said Daniel Prywes, a Washington-based lawyer who specializes in academic human resource issues."But on the other hand, under no circumstances can consenting adults be absolutely prohibited from having a romantic relationship." Students are adults, and professors – especially at a public school – may claim a ban is a violation of their civil rights, he said.

" Stevens, who earned a master's in music in 2015 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said students are always told their success will come from “how we practice and what opportunities we take, but it is also about who we know.” The pressure to get approval from a distinguished professor in the industry complicates consent.

OSU has a similar partial ban on relationships involving anyone who might supervise, teach or coach a student or subordinate. Joseph University discourages professor/student relationships, school officials say.

But if one occurs, the school "requires that the participants in such a relationship act immediately to remove the conflict of interest; and that the instructor report it to the Provost to ensure that all such conflicts of interest have been adequately addressed," school spokeswoman Kathleen Cardwell wrote in a statement.

The relationship can affect not just the student involved with the professor but the entire class, said Keren Schweitzer, who studied with Garner in the 1990s.

“It’s not only harmful to her, but it’s a toxic environment for the entire studio,” Schweitzer said.

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Prywes counsels those in academia to stay away from the practice of dating students, even if there are plenty of examples of professors who are happily married to their former graduate students.

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