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Olympiad dating

This is part of an unfinished series on the problems and evolution of the calendar system and how it effects dating the year of Christ’s birth. For example the first Olympiad happened in 776 and the second occurred in 772 BC. Zero as a mathematical number in the Greco-Roman world was a later invention.The ancient Greeks used Olympiads as their yearly dating system. Using a calculator without this knowledge to validate later dates can throw off any Olympiad by four years.

Most modern readers want to know the exact year, not that it happened somewhere unspecified in the four year interval.

Its was a legacy system after the fourth-century AD.

However, because of Josephus’ usage, it is an important clue, though not the ultimate one, for the birth year of Christ.

Josephus’ account does not directly address Christ’s birth in his copy, but one can correlate from Josephus’ dated chronology of the Herod family and the Biblical description roughly what year the birth was.

For more details on exactly how Josephus and other historians dated these leaders, see: A Chronology of the Herods To read more, see the introductory article, What Year was Christ Born?

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The concentration of IMO medalists between those two schools at this specific event is going to be the highest anywhere.

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