Online dating launceston tasmania

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Online dating launceston tasmania

The General's interpreter was a native youth of Chinese extraction, who, of course, spoke the Burmese language fluently enough, and English indifferently.

With this his knowledge ceased; he could neither write nor read the Burmese, and had not Dr.

Of the brothers of Robert Gouger, the subject of this memorial, the career of Henry was perhaps the most remarkable.

He resided for some years in Bengal, where he followed what was then regarded as the hazardous occupation of producing raw silk in competition with the Commercial Resident of the East India Company.

All of these have now passed away: four of them died young, others lived to a good old age, John, the eldest, dying at 93, Mary at 96, Sarah at 95, Alfred, the youngest and unmarried, at 78.

Robert Gouger, Miss Adelaide Gouger carefully preserved all that remained of his journals and papers relating to South Australia, and the important part he took in its foundation, and, as no authentic record has hitherto been published of his life-work, she kindly placed in my hands all the documents in her possession, with the request that I would edit them. Gouger's services should be told, and although there may not be many living who remember him personally, the flourishing Colony of South Australia bears witness to his zeal; and, to quote the words of Mr.

Edward Gibbon Wakefield, "the successful issue of his long contests with the judgments of ignorance, the insults of pride, and the delays of idleness should be a lesson of encouragement to the advocates of useful projects." was born on the 26th of June, 1802.

fell to my lot to write the "History of South Australia," and in that work it was stated:—"Honours are divided among the claimants to be founders of South Australia.

Edward Gibbon Wakefield was the first to set forth the principles of the new form of Colonisation; Mr.

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He was a man of very considerable literary ability, and in his last years he wrote a book, published by Mr.