Online dating scams pictures accra ghana

Posted by / 18-Mar-2020 17:39

Online dating scams pictures accra ghana

Do not send money if you are in a similar situation because it is probably a scam.

The sums usually run up to millions of dollars with the victim being promised a huge chunk of it for their "help".

Another common scam one comes across in online dating is the medical emergency scam.

Just when you think your online relationship is going really well, your online partner will be faced with some sort of medical emergency.

These scammers know immigration rules and regulations well and might even cite some sort of visa requirement as their reason for requesting money.

You might find their reasons actually check out and send them the money but in all likelihood, you have been scammed of your money.

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The standard scam story then starts to unfold as your online date suddenly has some sort of emergency in Nigeria or Ghana.