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Online dating sites for cyclists

The site would allow me to search for singles using all manner of criteria, but there was not a choice for “mountain biking.” If you’re going to market to mountain bikers as a subset of the greater population, it seems to me that being able to filter out roadies and triathletes would be a prerequisite. But you can do that on any dating site, or maybe even by wearing dirty mountain biking shoes and a stinky jersey 24/7 so people know you ride.

But no, with a cursory click or two I discovered a whole new world of cycling-related cyber content. I got married long before Internet dating became an acceptable form of social networking, and I admit I was a little prejudiced against the practice.It must have been over a year ago that I first found out about the cycling specific dating site, Cycling Probably because I’m skeptical of all the other dating sites.But because of the fact that it was Cycling Singles, it drew me in.Every listing under the “interested in MTB” section was for Man Seeking Woman, and most of them seemed pretty promising (read: un-axe-murderish).Although I would shy away from the fellow who mentioned that he is part of the “entertainment industry”, and I wondered about the one or two who claimed to like “new experiences”.

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A compatible person with just those basic ingredients is hard enough to find without also requiring them to ride mountain.

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