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You can imagine how his experiment worked out.“Deceit makes our world go round,” he concluded.“Without lies, marriages would crumble, workers would be fired, egos would be shattered, governments would collapse.”How much you aim for authenticity depends on a personality trait called self-monitoring.Oprah studied it for 10 seconds."Rog, I'm going with King World," she said.With simple high-school level math, you can now figure out how much Oprah Winfrey makes in a year for her show: Step 1: Estimate how much I made in a year, 20 years ago.

A few months later, the job of hosting "AM Chicago" opened up. Line 1: How much I made in a year for doing a syndicated television show. Line 3: Times 2, because Oprah would be on for an hour, instead of half an hour.

But if you’re a low self-monitor, you’re guided more by your inner states, regardless of your circumstances.

In one fascinating study, when a steak landed on their plates, high self-monitors tasted it before pouring salt, whereas low self-monitors salted it first.

He informed a friend’s 5-year-old daughter that the beetle in her hands was not napping but dead.

He told his in-laws that their conversation was boring.

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She wipes off the back of the couch with a copy of the Baltimore Sun, and says, "OK, boys, sit down and don't mention the zucchini." We sit down. Simple math At about this time, Oprah and I went out on a date.

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