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Since most people don't have a lot of background much of Polyamory is explained in terms of how it's not cheating or Polygamy/Polygyny.

I'm going to do it a bit differently but I'll still cover those briefly.

Again, each relationship structure is self-defining. As for cheating, the central difference is that Polyamory is consent based.There have been very few studies conducted on the subject so far but the few that exist show that Polyamory does not have negative effects on children of Poly parents.Most people that have heard of non-monogamy think of Polygamy (many spouses) and more specifically Polygyny (many wives) a practice found in certain Mormon and Muslim communities and most that haven't heard of it think of cheating.I've said it online and in classrooms, and most of the time I'm as comfortable mentioning it to a casual acquaintance as I am to an auditorium full of people.I've helped start the Polyamory discussion group for the Fox Valley, although I haven't been able to attend in months, and I'm the go-to activist for any speech or presentation on the subject on campus.

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This will probably be my last post before MBLGTACC tomorrow but I may throw up a short one about the event itself on the nine hour drive to Lansing.