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EDIT: Now there are two options available for firmware.

One is for the standard Novel "reader" which is dated 11/19/2010 and the other is the new "tablet" firmware which is dated 1/14/2011. The Pandigital novel updater no longer has an option to continue on with the standard "reader interface".

Although I have to admit, I have been loading different games and trying them out more than reading right now.

Without going into the system deeper than I am comfortable with, the market place is not available.

I took out the stock 1GB card and replaced it with a clean (Fat32 freshly formatted) 8GB card.

The firmware update to the android open platform (1/14/2011) will partition and load the required files.

I then updated the firmware to the 1/14/2011 "tablet" version using the updater on the Pandigital website.

Can you get to the actual androin market place or only SAM? Page ID=335#Micro SD_Removal It gives detailed directions on removal and replacement of the micro SD card.

This means that it ends up being more of a standard Android tablet which allows more flexibility in its use.

However, you must note that this is a one-way upgrade and you will not be given the option of turning back and reloading the "reader" firmware.

The stock firmware only had access to the 512MB of internal memory for applications and the 1GB m SD for data.

The "out of the box" programs from the tablet firmware include the ES File manager which allows the user to explore the files on the internal and external SD cards to launch APK files for install or to open data files and the SAM (Slide Me Android Marketplace) app to locate and install more android applications.

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However, the group at slatedroid are working on a user freindly way of doing this.

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