Pat summit dating ut tn

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Pat summit dating ut tn

By contrast, Tyler grew up in a spacious home in Knoxville. "But he wasn't that type of kid, and Pat wouldn't have allowed it.He saw how hard she worked and the results she got.But as time went on, I could start seeing the same things they did. I could really understand it."As Pat said, "Once Tyler started seeing things exactly as I did on film, I knew he was ready to coach."Tyler guided youth basketball teams and was a regular at Tennessee's men's and women's summer camps."I knew I had a passion for it," he said.

It was a vastly different era in women's athletics, but even in those days that was a lot on the plate of someone so young."When I took the job, I had to learn on the fly," Pat said.Pat embraced relentless expectations and maintained them after she left the farm.But you could say she really had little choice but to work so hard in her youth. Summitt, is a banker, and his mother is one of the most respected figures in college sports."Look, Tyler could have been a spoiled brat," said Tennessee coach Holly Warlick, who has known him since he was born.She already had a couple of very strong candidates in mind for her open assistant's position.And she readily admits she was wary about Tyler's age.

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Tyler did his homework on Marquette and Mitchell, though, and was impressed with both.

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